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Albert Jac. Thewalt
Stoneware Factory GmbH
D 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen, Gartenstrasse 20
Tel. ++49-2624-3077, Fax. ++49-2624-3079

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Old German Beersteins

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Souvenir Steins

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Special Steins

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Pots and Bowls

was founded in 1893, is the oldest beerstein factory in town and
until today operated by the THEWALT family. The company offers a
large variety of steins in different lines, shapes and sizes, produced by skilled craftsmen for the homemarket as well for export around the world. A selection of our high-quality products: Traditional steins, limited editions, gift items, souvenir steins, custom-made ones and others please note from the following pages #2-6.

For trade only. No private sales.